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historic routes
Jewish Toledo Route

The mess of beautiful and narrow streets that the Jewish Quarter draws, carries the walker to the Jewish Toledo from the Middle Ages…

  1. Gate of El Cambrón
  2. Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes
  3. Synagogue of Santa M ª la Blanca
  4. Museum of Victorio Macho
  5. Synagogue of Tránsito >
    Sephardic Museum
  6. El Greco's Museum
  7. Church of Santo Tomé >
    The Burial of Lord of Orgaz
  8. Viewpoint of Virgen de Gracia
  9. Bridge of San Martín
Renaissance Toledo Route

Walk around the bright ages of the history of Toledo and enjoy with the great architecture buildings that this period gave to the town.

  1. Hospital of Tavera
  2. Gate of Bisagra
  3. Church of Santa Leocadia
  4. Convent of Santo Domingo el Antiguo
  5. Church of San Román
  6. Convent of San Clemente (façade)
  7. Convent of San Pedro Mártir >
    University of Castilla-La Mancha
  8. Los Jesuitas>
    (Church of San Ildefonso)
  9. Convent of Santo Domingo el Real
  10. Monastery of Santa Clara
  11. Zocodover Square
  12. Museum of Santa Cruz
  13. Alcázar
Islamic Toledo Route

Let yourself take by the enchantment of the Islamic Toledo, discover the Moslem legacy and the traks of those false Moslems (the Mozarabs), appreciating their peculiar Mudejar style.

  1. Gate of Alfonso VI
  2. Church of Santiago del Arrabal
  3. Gate of Valmardón
  4. Gate of El Sol
  5. Mosque of El Cristo de la Luz
  6. Mosque of Tornerías
  7. Plaza Mayor
  8. Posada de la Hermandad (façade)
  9. Church of San Justo
  10. Church of San Lucas
  11. Church of San Miguel
  12. Alcázar
The Cathedral and its marks in Toledo

Admire the influence of the cardinals along this route, because Toledo wouldn't be Toledo without the emblematic figure of the Cathedral and this one wouldn't be what is now without the influence of the primate cardinals.

  1. Alfonso VI Gate
  2. Hostal del Cardenal (patio)
  3. Palace of El Nuncio
  4. Colegio de Doncellas (exterior view)
  5. Church of Santa Eulalia
  6. Palace Lorenzana
  7. San Marcos
  8. Ayuntamiento
  9. Convent of Santa Isabel
  10. Palace of King Don Pedro (façade)
  11. Church of San Andrés
  12. Pozo Amargo
  13. Colegio de Infantes (façade)
  14. Cathedral

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